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The Philadelphia Phantomz women’s tackle football team was established in 2015. We play 11 on 11 full tackle football. As the only women’s tackle team in Philadelphia  our purpose has always been community, opportunity and empowerment. Giving young ladies and adult women the opportunity to play organized tackle football in one of the largest east coast markets has not only been liberating but empowering as well. We also specialize in community service as we give back consistently to those in need. It is our duty to maintain a successful community service based sports program geared to young ladies and adult women.


The Philadelphia Phantomz are roughly 50 extremely diverse women and since our inception we have significantly made our presence known throughout the world of football.


The Philadelphia Phantomz is a part of the Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC)  which was founded in Nov 2018, with a passion to create a standard of excellence and more opportunity in women's tackle football.  Teams are invited into the league based on the quality of the market, team, players, and ownership. The business structure of the WNFC is to generate income through branding, marketing, and licensing of their content and apparel, and world-class events. 


The WNFC supplies female athletes, coaches, and fans with the most entertaining,  high-quality, most competitive brand of football for women in the country. Fueled by passion and a plan to deliver professional women's tackle football to the world.


Players in the WNFC are offered state-of-the-art protection on the field and ample opportunities off of it through partnerships and alliances developed by the WNFC leadership team.

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